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JB from Labrado Forge is sharpening knives AT BOTH OUR LOCATIONS! So bring your blades to 1462 33rd Street OR 2665 Riverside Blvd by NOON of the date of sharpening and they will be ready to pick up by end of day or first thing the next day (pick up any time after you receive notification). 


Drop off your knives by closing the day before knife sharpening days (or before noon on sharpening days). Come into the shop and we'll take your blades and your contact information. Pick up any time after you've been contacted. 

Curious about the process? Check out this clip from Stan (Perfect Edge)'s Good Day Sacramento segment. Stan and JB were trained by the same knife sharpening instructor so their technique is similar! Click HERE TO WATCH

TEXT 916-799-5736 or email with any questions.

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